Week SIX

Weight Loss: 2.6 lbs
( 256.6 lbs – 254 lbs )
Average Miles/Day: 1
Total Miles: 7
In the Gym: 0 days
Calories per day: 842

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Day 20180920 Walk

Weight 255 (started August 12 at 291 lbs.) Make Keto Coffee instead of Bullet Coffee Keto Coffee Your favorite coffee 16 ounces 1 TBS of Cocoa Powder MTC Oil (Almost the same things as Coconut Oil) Ghee Butter Put it all in a blender and whip it. Very good. Gave me a real boost and stopped…

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Day 20180919 Walk

2018 September 20 Win by a Mile 255 lbs Anthony R Locke

Weight 254.0 (started August 12 at 291 lbs.) I am starting to drop the ball, but not from a lack of motivation. I am working from home all week. My work spot is next to the kitchen and I am tempted to think about food all day. Yikes! Also, I took a few days off walking…

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Day 20180918 Walk

Frisbee-Golf-East-Roswell-Park-9000-Fouts-Road-Roswell-GA-30076 Sept 18

Weight 254 (started August 12 at 291 lbs.) Went frisbee golfing with Tom Talen at the East Roswell Park. Walked 4.5 miles on my foot that had the steroid shot Monday. Uneven ground has got it all irritated. Had a blast. Lots of fun. Very hot and was pouring sweat. Smelled really bad afterward. Maybe a…

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Day 20180917 Walk

June 2018 Cocoa Beach Florida Indian River Anthony R Locke

Weight 255 (started August 12 at 291 lbs.) Went to the doc and they shot my foot with a steroid and told me to stay off my foot for the day. So, no walking this Monday. Below is a video of a fun couple who shop at Publix, like me, and they live in Georgia so…

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Weight Loss: 4.2 lbs
( 260.8 lbs – 256.6 lbs )
Average Miles/Day: 4.49
Total Miles: 31.39
In the Gym: 0 days
Calories per day: 805

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Day 20180916 Walk

July 2018 Anthony R Locke Jenn Locke Debbie Means Linda Vick

Weight 256 (started August 12 at 291 lbs.) I had a slow day and didn’t do much. Jenn made an amazing dinner and we watched movies. This is the first day I didn’t walk. Right foot has planters fasciitis and I have an appointment tomorrow Monday to get it treated. Breakfast Calories Carbs Fat Protein Cheese,…

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Day 20180915 Walk

Jones Road Friendship McDonalds North Bogan Anthony R Locke Eli Locke

Weight 257 (started August 12 at 291 lbs.) Eli and I walked to McDonalds from our home. About 5 miles round trip. Last little bit we got a ride from my wife. Didn’t mind. Very hot in the sun. Vulchers were fighting over a dead possum. Smelled nasty. Eli rushed them, but they flew away quickly.…

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Day 20180914 Walk

Stoneleigh Ellsworth Copper Creek Way Anthony R Locke

Weight 257 (started August 12 at 291 lbs.) Have an appointment with a podiatrist Monday to get some help with my plantar fasciitis. Excessive walking isn’t making it go away. It’s getting more difficult. I walked twice Friday. Second time was 3.66 which was late at night. Together was just under 5 miles. Right knee had…

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Bacon, Mushrooms, Tilapia over Romaine Lettuce

Bacon, Mushrooms, Tilapia over Romaine Lettuce Anthony R Locke Win by a Mile Buford Georgia

I am trying to eat just one meal today. Probably not enough for the whole day. I am going to get hungry. 211 calories is awesome. Felt very full until about 2:00 PM when I ate a chicken finger from Publix. This was a great Keto meal though. High fat and lots of greens. I…

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