Week 13-15 262 to 254 Feb 17 to Mar 4

I worked out 8 of the last 16 days. Planet Fitness and the basement. Not sure about calories. I was not off program any of those days. Fairly disciplined.

These readings were taken 5 days apart: Blood Glucose was 109 and then 110. Keto reading was .1 then .3
Also got my blood work back from the Dr and my blood glucose was 6.0 down from 7.8.

Got sick Feb 25 and was sick for maybe 10 days. Lost like 5 pounds super fast and took advantage of that momentum to stay on program and keep losing. My head is still not clear and I am not well. Maybe 85% healthy right now. I am also starting a Flow control drug to empty my bladder better so I can sleep longer at night. Pushing hard to get under the 250 lbs. mark. Also, I have stopped wearing the 2X shirts from Sam's Club as they are all too big for me now. In the image below I am wearing a single extra large shirt and it looks very nice. Getting ready to go down a size in blue jeans too.

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