Bacon, Mushrooms, Tilapia over Romaine Lettuce

Bacon, Mushrooms, Tilapia over Romaine Lettuce Anthony R Locke Win by a Mile Buford Georgia

I am trying to eat just one meal today. Probably not enough for the whole day. I am going to get hungry. 211 calories is awesome. Felt very full until about 2:00 PM when I ate a chicken finger from Publix. This was a great Keto meal though. High fat and lots of greens. I…

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Eggs, Arugula, Colby Cheese and Bacon

Breakfast Winner Eggs Arugula Colby Cheese and Bacon

This is brilliant. Lots of fat to enhance the taste. Will make me very fully, almost too much. Could have shared this with a friend. Big meal. Calories Carbs Fats Protein Breakfast Coconut cooking oil , 2 Tbsp 260 0g 2g 0g Onions, raw, 0.6 cup, chopped 38 9g 0g 1g Silk – Cashew Unsweetened…

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