Day 20180919 Walk

Weight 254.0 (started August 12 at 291 lbs.)

I am starting to drop the ball, but not from a lack of motivation. I am working from home all week. My work spot is next to the kitchen and I am tempted to think about food all day. Yikes!

Also, I took a few days off walking because my right foot was really hurting me. Going to get back on the wagon this Thursday. Promise. Thanks to those who asked about my lack of posting.

One Chicken in 3 sections. Breasts for the last one.

1. Chicken Salad
--Two Stalks of Celery Cut into small squares.
--Two stalks of Scallions (White Onions have too many Carbs)
--1 TBS of fresh Dill chopped. Maybe add some Parsley
--6 TBS of Mayo
--2 TBS of Sour Cream
--Bacon Bits about 3 TBS
--Heavily Salt and Pepper

2. Red Hot Chicken Dip
--6 OZ of Cream Cheese into a medium heat saucepan.
--1/2 Cup of Franks Red Hot to Cheese
--Half a green jalapeno diced small
--Half a cup of Ranch or Blue Cheese
--Half a Cup of Mozzarella Cheese

3. Chicken Keto Salad
--Warm Pan on the Stove
--2 TBS of Butter
--Chopped Asparagus about 9-10 (2 minutes) or
--1 TSP of Minced Garlic all in Pan to mince the veggies
--Half cup of Heavy Whipping Cream
--1/3 Cup of Parmesan Cheese
--1/3 Cup of Mozzarella Cheese
--Chicken Breasts
--Salt and Pepper
--1 TBS of Paprika
--2 TBS of Bacon Bits

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