Week 04 272 to 266 Dec 18 to Dec 25

Worked out three days. Walked those same three days. 1.24 miles, 1.04 miles and 1.43 miles. Slow. Felt sick and out of breath.

Ate 6,429 calories averaging 920 per day. 80% of those calories were potatoes. The rest was grabbing a bite of family food.

Blood Glucose 99 and 1.7 Ketones before breakfast on the 26th.

4.6 pounds lost for the week which is .66 pounds per day.

Not bad. I can do better.

I made a really cool countdown calendar to post for myself and the family since me talking about my weight everyday was getting old.

266 Locke Family Christmas Eve 12 Stone December 2023

268 Anthony Ray Locke June 2020

268 Anthony Ray Locke November 2016

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