Ozempic Weight Loss Drug

Ozempic Weight Loss Drug Win by a Mile Anthony R Locke

Update: This is very helpful. I still overeat as a bad habit. I want to feel overly full and it has nothing to do with hunger. It's a mental need. A psychological problem. Probably related to stress or dissatisfaction with other areas of my life. Still, it works. When I eat too much at night I wake up a few hours later and throw up in the toilet. I hate when that happens. It makes me eat less after 6 PM even when presented with salsa and chips. =)

Also, I don't take it when I should and right now I have 4 unopened boxes in my fridge which allows me to take it more often. When I am on program I take it every 4 days.



Doctor asked me which weight loss drug I would like to take. Dr. Patel never really paid me much attention. Left me to his nurse practitioners. Many of them have left and he has replaced them. He has since started seeing me when I go in.

A month ago I went in for general blood work as I was labeled diabetic in November of 2022. I am on Metformin and a couple other blood pressure drugs.

Dr. Patel decided to make me his project and get me off all my medicines. He wants to see me get healthy. He asked me what weight loss drug I wanted.

I requested Mounjaro and he said that was fine. When he sent it to the pharmacist they told me my BCBS health care didn't cover it. They moved me over to Ozempic.

I am in the middle of my second week. I have lost about 6 lbs.

It makes me feel full while eating half a meal. It upsets my stomach if I over eat.

The last week I have taken myself off a 40 ounce coffee mug every morning. Included 4 tbs of sugar and 6 ounces of 2% milk. That led to a meal.

I've been drinking a green superfood powdered drink every morning. Plus a single cup of coffee to keep me from getting a headache. Around noon I have been eating a meal around 800 calories under 50 carbs.

I try to skip dinner, but haven't found that level of discipline yet.

Right now I am losing .47 pounds a day. At that rate I will be at 170 lbs in 140 days. I set myself a goal to hit 170 lbs by my birthday in November. So far I am on track for that. I have 181 days left.

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