Week 01

Started at 285.7

Ended at 283.5

Lost 2.2 pounds for the week

Calorie Average 2,130

Worked out 4 days. Walked two.


Calories MyFitnessPal Sept 20-26 2021 Anthony R Locke
Macros MyFitnessPal Sept 20-26 2021 Anthony R Locke
Week Summary Weight Gurus Sept 20-26 2021 Anthony R Locke 283 Entries

What's my plan?

I plan to get healthy.

  • Exercise: Will be at a gym five out of seven days per week.
  • Calories: Will be limiting calories under 1,500 per day.
  • Check-ins: Will be using the InBody scans on the 21st of every month. Will provide progress reports on this website with weekly summaries.
  • Schedule: I will need to move my sleep patterns and accomplish these goals early in the morning and then be ready for the day when I take Eli to school.
  • Tools: Will be tracking with MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, InBody, Weight Gurus and this website.


  1. 245 lbs by Christmas 2021.
  2. Hit 10% Body Fat

    • Want to hit it and hold it for two weeks.
    • Probably weight 150 lbs at that body fat percentage.
    • Will want to add weight with health eating and get back between 175-190 lbs afterwards.
    • Date for this goal is January 1st of 2023 at the earliest assuming I lose 2 lbs per week on average.

  3. Be able to do wind sprints.
  4. Get off my heart pressure meds.
  5. Have a lap-band removed.

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