10 Week Beginner Cycle of Sustanon & Deca

My Roid Shop Beginner Cycle 220

Working hard to get off a 280lbs disaster with my health. Not fully on point everyday but using an assist to get me started. Dividing the dose into a twice a week pin. Week 9/10 are oral.

Beginner Cycle





Duration: Eight(8) weeks      ,

Gears : Deca-Durabolin, Sustanon 250, Clomid

A standard very effective steroid cycle course, suitable for the ones who are looking for their first steroid cycle.

Sustanon and Deca can be split down into 2-3 shots per week. For example 250mg Sustanon and 150 mg Deca can be mixed into the same syringe for two times a week.

Beginner Steroid Cycle Layout

Week Deca Sustanon Clomid
1 300 mg PW 500 mg PW
2 300 mg PW 500 mg PW
3 300 mg PW 500 mg PW
4 300 mg PW 500 mg PW
5 300 mg PW 500 mg PW
6 300 mg PW 500 mg PW
7 300 mg PW 500 mg PW
8 300 mg PW 500 mg PW
9 (PCT) 50 mg PD
10 (PCT) 50 mg PD
PD: Per Day PW: Per Week

With This Cycle Pack You Will Get,
1x Deca 2500 Oxydine Metabolics
2x Sustanon Oxydine Metabolics
20 tabs Clomid

donald on Feb 11, 2019

44 reviews

2nd time ordering and everything is always correct! Jimmy is great with quick response and knowledge. The best

Reggie on Jan 24, 2019

44 reviews

Was nervous about ordering at first wasn't sure if it was going to come.. after receiving my package which was well packaged and discreet... starting use it around two weeks ago looks legit feels great.. nice gains already!! Would definitely recommend beginner cycle for beginners..

Jose on Jul 11, 2018

44 reviews

Like the products cycles you explain yourself very with pct and the chart explains itself well good shit!!

mike on Jun 26, 2018

44 reviews

Fast and very discreet shipping. Almost packaged too well. Everything I ordered is. great quality

Gary on Feb 7, 2018

44 reviews

This was my first shipment so I was a little worried. My stuff came with in the time quoted. The tracking was right on. The order was perfect and the stuff is working great! Thank you Jimmy.

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