New Restart, Restart on My Restart at 286 lbs July 25, 2021

Anthony R Locke

Dropped Eli at church. Caleb sleeping. Tyler in Florida. Jenn and Madi at CoolRay. I listened to 12 Stone Church service. Using the Planet Fitness membership I bought for Caleb. Signed in the app and they just scanned me in.

Went to Lake Lanier today and washed dogs and made them swim to clean the soap off. That was fun. Got a shower.

Weight is about 285. Need to get some good habits in place. Hope to close a deal and make some money in the next few weeks. Need to take care of my health. Getting farther and farther behind.

Ate Captain Crunch with Eli at the table this morning. Two bowls. Feel sick. Going to do some light work at the gym. Have to pick Eli up from church at 12:15 PM

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