Day 20180913 Walk

Weight 258 (started August 12 at 291 lbs.)

Switching to one meal a day is making a huge difference. I feel my body making fast progress. Stomach is shrinking. Pants are loose. Weight was almost a pound and a half lower. Broke away from the 260 plateau fast.

Added three snacks to my food pantry. My protein bars are not on the diet while on Keto. Going to push hard to stay at 5 pounds lost a week. I can be 185 by Christmas if I succeed at that level.

Official marathon run is in March and I don't want to hit my goal weight the week before. I want to be adding energy and carbing up the weeks before, not working on weight loss.

Walked Highway 124 Braselton while big boys were at band practice. Tracked me most of the time.

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