Week FIVE Face Pic 260 lbs

Beginning of Week FIVE WinbyaMile Weight Loss Plan Anthony R Locke
291 Pounds WinbyaMile Anthony R Locke

This is the beginning of week five. I have lost 31 pounds. Feel very good. Eat super healthy.

I've had four people tell me they have either lost their gallbladder or had a freind who lost their gallbladder. Terrible reality. Doesn't seem to happen for people on the Keto diet. Watch the video below. Still, I am getting a little worried about any long term health issues. Willing to slow it down if necessary.

Feel like I can keep to the plan for longer than I've ever done before. Excited. If I lost five pounds a week I would be 185 lbs. by Christmas. I want to hit 165 lbs. and then regain the weight with time in the gym.

We'll see.

P.S. You can tell I am doing my walking in the daytime as my face is getting tan.

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