Day 20180907 Walk

Weight 261 (started August 12 at 291 lbs.)

Well, I knew my body just needed an extra push to get off 263. Did so this morning when I dropped to 261.7 which is still a pound more than I hoped to be by this Friday. Working to get down to 258 by Sunday morning. I don't think that will happen, which means it will be the first week I didn't lose seven pounds in seven days.

I added a new supplement to my success. I bought Perfect Keto Chocolate Exogenous Ketones which I thought was a large container. Turns out there are only 15 servings in this $57 container. Ouch. Not going to buy this again.

Yet again, it seems to have taken me off the 263 ledge! Made me feel a nice buzz. Gave me a very clear head, but took away some of my sleep because my body was so jacked using stored fat cells. Below is a video review.

By the way, I just watched the video review and it says to use a half scoop. Maybe a better idea than the instructions.

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