Week FOUR Face Pic 263 lbs

Beginning of Week FOUR WinbyaMile Weight Loss Plan Anthony R Locke
Anthony R Locke at 291

Hope you can tell how much my face has slimmed down.

Alright, I have new details of my plan. A friend, Tom Talen, asked me to consider buying some vitamins and specifically add glucosamine with chondroitin to my plan. I had done so a few years back, so I was already predisposed to his suggestion.

I went to Sams and bought these supplements. I needed the joint support since my knees were feeling the stress of daily walking. I take one of the glucosamine with chondroitin in the morning and afternoon as the bottle describes. I take the Omega 3-6-9 with my morning coffee and the cinnamon at night with the multi-vitamin.

I also added knee support from Amazon.

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