Day 20180904 Walk

Weight 263 (started August 12 at 291 lbs.)

Ate asparagus with an egg and a sausage patty for breakfast. Perfect Keto percentages. 78% fat. 15% protein and 7% carbs. Then for a late lunch I had a 12 oz. steak all by itself. Too many proteins makes my day look like I am on the Atkins diet. No worries, just not my goals.

Still, I was 263 after sitting at 265 for a few days. Glad to see the continual dropping of weight.

I walked my neighborhood and out to Thompson Mill and back for my 4 miles. Phone worked well enough to capture my walk.

Still wondering if I can keep this up until Christmas day. Feels like a long way away for this level of disciple.

I worked from home today and ate over 1,500 calories. Feeling kind of like an idiot.

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