Day 20180901 Walk

Weight 263.5 (started August 12 at 291 lbs.)

Eli wanted to buy a Nerf gun, so I made him walk with me for 3 miles. Hehe . . .   I didn't feel strong. Felt slow and weak with less than 600 calories for the day. My phone stopped tracking my walk once I got inside Walmart and I only had a little over a tenth to finish 3 miles. I walked inside of the store and then the parking lot, but it never picked me up for the last .13 miles. Oh well. Don't care if the red line shows every part of my trip as long as I stay true to my goals.

This is the end of week three. I lost 28 pounds. Half of that might have been water weight, removal of inflammation and a cleansing of my body from useless storage. My tongue has been covered in a guacamole colored grunge for 5 days. Nasty. Too thick to brush off.

I do feel empowered, encouraged and hopeful.

With my current track I will hit my goal of 165 by mid November. I want to go really low in my weight for a few months, let all the visceral fat leave my stomach, and then rebuild with a healthier kind of weight. Hope I don't get too much criticism from friends if I am that successful in my goals.

Walmart to Chevron 3595 GA-124 Dacula GA 30019 Anthony R Locke
Chevron 3595 GA-124 Dacula GA 30019 Anthony R Locke Elijah Wilson Locke

Worried about my choices? Listen to the short video below. This guy doesn't know it, but he is my coach.

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