My Gear: Oboz Men’s Hiking Shoe

Yep. I run/walk in a hiking shoe. Crazy eh'?

Why? Because you need hiking shoes and the extra support thy provide when you have an extra 100 lbs on your knees and feet. Right now I am running with the equivalent of a 100 pound backpack. So I need the extra support.

Plus, in 2013 I had surgery on both feet to rebuild my big toe joints. Ouch. Super painful. I sat for a month watching all seven seasons of Breaking Bad.

So now I only wear shoes that support my feet like hiking boots. Sad, but that's the way it is. I have bought these shoes for 6 years and I have four different pairs in my closet. They never seem to wear out. Weird. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Anthony R Locke Pair Oboz Men's Tamarack BDry Hiking Shoe

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