D6 Dexcom Blood Glucose CGM

D6 Dexcom Blood Glucose CGM

Update: I used this for about six months and then stopped buying it even though it was only $25 per month. It started to irritate my skin. I didn't like being poked by a small wire under my skin 24/7. The data didn't really change much after that first few weeks of adjustment. Knowing how badly cookies or candy spiked my insulin did cause significant changes in my habits. Learning the cause and effect of bad food was very valuable to my process.



Got a D6 Kit from my doctor the last week of April. He originally gave me a Libre 2 kit, but the health care we have didn't cover it. Changed to D6 which I prefer. About $50 for the whole system. Not sure how much it will cost for only patches every month.

App is great. Every 5 minutes there is a reading. Without calibrating it I was averaging 124 per day with no spikes. I did a calibration on May 8th and now it is 20 points higher. I will keep doing calibrations.

A patch lasts 10 days.

Ketones are 7 right now. Very high. That's good in my mind as it means I am low on carbs and burning fat.

Very happy with this tool. It has given me new information about what's happening inside my blood and how my body responds to different foods. This tool has provided me all the motivation fueling my current success.

Weight dropped from 284.6 to 282.2 in a week. 1,535 calories per day and most in a 6 hour time window.

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