288 Week 00

What's my plan?

I plan to get healthy.

  • Exercise: Will be at a gym five out of seven days per week.
  • Calories: Will be limiting calories under 1,500 per day.
  • Check-ins: Will be using the InBody scans on the 21st of every month. Will provide progress reports on this website with weekly summaries.
  • Schedule: I will need to move my sleep patterns and accomplish these goals early in the morning and then be ready for the day when I take Eli to school.
  • Tools: Will be tracking with MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, InBody, Weight Gurus and this website.


  1. 245 lbs by Christmas 2021.
  2. Hit 10% Body Fat

    • Want to hit it and hold it for two weeks.
    • Probably weight 150 lbs at that body fat percentage.
    • Will want to add weight with health eating and get back between 175-190 lbs afterwards.
    • Date for this goal is January 1st of 2023 at the earliest assuming I lose 2 lbs per week on average.

  3. Be able to do wind sprints.
  4. Get off my heart pressure meds.
  5. Have a lap-band removed.
Anthony R Locke Sept 22 2021
So, Madi took this photo when she and I were talking after she got home from school. Shows my current face and gives an idea how my body looks at 288 lbs.
InBody Scan Sept 21 2021 Anthony R Locke 288

Body Plex says I weight 288.7 so I am going with that. Brad Squibb managed my in-processing and below is the sheet their machine output. He wrote notes on it and spent an hour talking to me. He was very knowledgeable and very interesting on a personal level.

Brad noted my skeletal muscle mass was in the top 97.2 percentile. Suggested I was genetically gifted to have that much muscle mass while sitting for so long behind a laptop.

He said not to worry about the rest of the numbers as they will change as I get back to work. Percentage of Body Fat was 40.2

He also suggested my water mass might be from the steroid which causes water gain. Will be interesting to see where those numbers are in six months.

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