Did Tony Really Do a Selfie?

Did Tony Really Do a Selfie Anthony R Locke 2018 08 30

I have no desire to ever have those weight loss belly shots you see in adds or on YouTube videos. Seems a little too private to show a huge belly to the world. So, I am taking an occasional face shot. If I stay on plan it will show the same kind of changes over time. At least I hope so.

Today I got on the scale and it read 268, so I tried on my skinny jeans. Fit great! Hope in two weeks to be calling these my fat jeans. 😉

Below is a photo of me at Tom & Cindy Boyd's home during our neighborhood dinner club. The Boyds are great people and I am blessed to call them my friends. They pursue godliness and lead a small church.

In the middle are Kat and Mike Pfender, my neighbors across the street who are awesome and challenging me to try their lean and green diet. Mike is running 5 miles a day and doing heavy bag work. He is older than me by a decade and kicking my butt. Kind of messes with my head. Kat does planks every day and can stay up for over 5 minutes. I tried to do it and succeeded for 20 seconds. The woman is amazing!

Sitting at the table I am a week after losing all my water weight. Obviously, it was time for a change. :-0

<h4>291 lbs August 25, 2018</h4>

291 lbs August 25, 2018

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