My Gear: BLITZU Compression Socks

So I noticed in the picture of my shoes that you could see black socks under my jeans. It's true! I wear black socks with my blue jeans. Sad . . . LOL  I could get arrested by the fashion police! My daughter freaks out when I wear the pink ones.

These are the best compression socks on the market in my opinion. And I have maybe two dozen compression socks. I've tried many kinds, but these are the best.

After major surgery on my feet I was told by the doctor to start wearing compression socks. Sometimes I wear them with shorts. I just don't care anymore. They make my legs survive anything and I feel great at the end of the day. Maybe those 80's L'eggs Sheer Energy ads were for real!?

So I wear backpacking shoes and heavy duty compression socks everyday. If I can drop 100 pounds I"ll switch back to normal people socks and shoes.

  • COMPRESSION THERAPY TECHNOLOGY - Provides true graduated compression to promote blood circulation and oxygen flow, prevent cramping, fatigue, swelling, help muscle recovery, spider, varicose veins and diabetic. Use them on a plane during that 9 hr flights or during that 6 mile walk. Your durable (15 - 20 mmHg) socks work with your routine. Feel the shock absorption effect instantly that really helps reduce fatigue and swelling in your lower leg!
  • BLITZU® KINESIOLOGY TAPING DESIGN - The One-of-a-Kind compression socks that combine the stability of kinesiology taping with the performance of compression fabric. Perfect for Relief of varicose veins or other leg swelling issues. Support your foot, heel, arch, ankle, and calf. Use it every day, night, or both. Prevent blood clots after surgery and Fits well unlike other Dr. prescribed Stiff varieties. The toe area won't squeeze your aching toe joints. Instant comfort & support GUARANTEE!
  • DESIGNED FOR EVERYDAY USE AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - Bring more energy into your feet. It's perfect for jobs that require you to be on your feet a lot. It's also a must have for any leg intensive activity such as Marathon, Running, Hiking, Gym Fitness Training, Basketball, Cycling, Weightlifting and more. Perfect for extreme races and long runs!
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