Tony Locke Pew Restoration

Restart on My Restart at 271 lbs July 1, 2020

Cocoa Beach was awesome. Pics coming. Left weighing 267 and came back weighing 272. Going to try Keto and light exercise. No will power to be honest. Not sure I will be making this stick.

New Start at 285 lbs Dec 13, 2019

I have a 190 days until I go to Cocoa Beach in Florida for the family vacation. If I lost 3.7 pounds a week I would be 185. I am 285 right now. Time to get radical again. I actually...
Anthony R Locke Ellsworth Glen Buford GA 30519

Week 35

Weight Loss: 0 lbs ( 252 lbs - 254 lbs ) Average Miles/Day: 2.64 Total Miles: 18.5 In the Gym: 1 days Calories per day: 4000 guessing This is the second week of walking. Hoping to get my will power and motivation back using light daily exercise....
Anthony R Locke Ellsworth Glen Buford GA 30519

Week 34

Weight Loss: 0 lbs ( 250 lbs increased to 252 lbs ) Average Miles/Day: 2.90 Total Miles: 20.28 In the Gym: 3 days Calories per day: 4500 guessing This is the first week of walking. Started Sunday morning using my neighborhood and the one across the street....
Week 22" />

Week 22

Weight Loss: 0 lbs ( 238 lbs - 238 lbs ) Average Steps per Day: 1,700 Total Miles: .6 In the Gym: 3 days Average Cal/day: 2,250
Week 7" />

Week 7

Weight Loss: 0 lbs ( 254 lbs - 254 lbs ) Average Miles/Day: 0 Total Miles: 0 In the Gym: 0 days Calories per day: 1450 Felt sorry for myself that I wasn't losing weight. Made my mom's spaghetti sauce and ate it all week. Luckily, I...

Week SIX

Weight Loss: 2.6 lbs ( 256.6 lbs - 254 lbs ) Average Miles/Day: zero Total Miles: none In the Gym: 0 days Calories per day: 842 Had my foot shot with a steroid shot on Monday and I stopped doing my daily walks. Thought I could...


Weight Loss: 4.2 lbs ( 260.8 lbs - 256.6 lbs ) Average Miles/Day: 4.49 Total Miles: 31.39 In the Gym: 0 days Calories per day: 805
Bacon, Mushrooms, Tilapia over Romaine Lettuce Anthony R Locke Win by a Mile Buford Georgia

Bacon, Mushrooms, Tilapia over Romaine Lettuce

I am trying to eat just one meal today. Probably not enough for the whole day. I am going to get hungry. 211 calories is awesome. Felt very full until about 2:00 PM when I ate a chicken finger from...
Tom Talen No Mold Atlanta Violet Frog Mold Remediation

Day 20180911 Walk

Weight 259 (started August 12 at 291 lbs.) Spent 90 minutes playing 18 holes of Frisbee Golf with my good friend Tom Talen at East Roswell Park. Our phones both tried to track our walking in the woods and we added 3.6-3.7 miles to...
Beginning of Week FIVE WinbyaMile Weight Loss Plan Anthony R Locke

Week FIVE Face Pic

This is the beginning of week five. I have lost 31 pounds. Feel very good. Eat super healthy. I've had four people tell me they have either lost their gallbladder or had a freind who lost their gallbladder. Terrible reality....
Face Pic before I started WinbyaMile Weight Loss Plan July 17 Anthony R Locke Lori Kinnard


Weight Loss: 5 lbs ( 265 lbs - 260 lbs ) Average Miles/Day: 4.08 Total Miles: 28.59 In the Gym: 1 days Calories per day: 1,049
Beginning of Week FOUR WinbyaMile Weight Loss Plan Anthony R Locke

Week FOUR Face Pic

Hope you can tell how much my face has slimmed down. Alright, I have new details of my plan. A friend, Tom Talen, asked me to consider buying some vitamins and specifically add glucosamine with chondroitin to my plan. I...
Chevron 3595 GA-124 Dacula GA 30019 Anthony R Locke Elijah Wilson Locke


Weight Loss: 7 lbs ( 272 lbs - 265 lbs ) Average Miles/Day: 3.09 Total Miles: 21.69 In the Gym: 2 days Calories per day: 1,185
Breakfast Winner Eggs Arugula Colby Cheese and Bacon

Eggs, Arugula, Colby Cheese and Bacon

This is brilliant. Lots of fat to enhance the taste. Will make me very fully, almost too much. Could have shared this with a friend. Big meal. Calories Carbs Fats Protein Breakfast Coconut cooking oil , 2 Tbsp 260 0g...
Did Tony Really Do a Selfie Anthony R Locke 2018 08 30

Did Tony Really Do a Selfie?

I have no desire to ever have those weight loss belly shots you see in adds or on YouTube videos. Seems a little too private to show a huge belly to the world. So, I am taking an occasional face...
Anthony R Locke Elijah Wilson Locke on a Sunday Morning

Week TWO

Weight Loss: 7 lbs ( 279 lbs - 272 lbs ) Average Miles/Day: 2.17 Total Miles: 15.22 In the Gym: 3 days Calories per day: 1,459
BLITZU Compression Socks 15-20mmHg Recovery Performance Stockings for Running

My Gear: BLITZU Compression Socks

So I noticed in the picture of my shoes that you could see black socks under my jeans. It's true! I wear black socks with my blue jeans. Sad . . . LOL  I could get arrested by the fashion...
Anthony R Locke One Day Before Launch

Week ONE

Weight Loss: 12 lbs ( 291 lbs - 279 lbs ) Average Miles/Day: 2.04 Total Miles: 14.28 In the Gym: 1 day Calories per day: 2,034
Anthony R Locke Madison Caleb Locke Bowling Oasis Buford

Bowling Stars and Stripes

Back in May we bought two of these Groupons here in Buford for Stars and Stripes at 1601 Horizon Parkway Buford, GA 30518. It's two hours of unlimited bowling with shoes and a pitcher of soda for $36.00 We bowled for...
Paul Locke at Bell Mountain

Paul Locke at Bell Mountain

My brother Paul took the whole family up Bell Mountain in late June. It was awesome.
Anthony R Locke Jenn Coco Beach 2018

Who Does My Website?

I've been working as a top level Full Stack Developer for Training Property Managers the last two years. That means I manage a technology project from start to finish including securing the domain, hosting, software platforms, personalized emails, theme development,...
Anthony R Locke One Day Before Launch

One Day before Launch

Weight 291 (started August 12 at 291 lbs.) Produced, rendered and uploaded over 50 training videos within the last 48 ours. Only problem is I am sitting so much I can almost feel my muscles atrophy and my body age. It's...

My Gear: Oboz Men’s Hiking Shoe Yep. I run/walk in a hiking shoe. Crazy eh'? Why? Because you need hiking shoes and the extra support thy provide when you have an extra 100 lbs on your knees and feet. Right now I am running with...
Anthony R Locke Two Days Before I Run

Two Days Before I Start

Feeling a bit unmotivated to get out there and start running. Might need to invest in a bottle of anti-inflammatory. I am doing this website support for myself and to motivate my progress. Might just be another failure to make it...