Day 20181003 Walk

Weight 248 (started August 12 at 291 lbs.)

I fell off the wagon the last two weeks. Normal for anyone on a diet. The good thing is I didn't put the pounds back on. I was 256 Sunday morning September 30th. I was eating like a horse the last two weeks and my body was full of carb-energy. So, the first few days of this week I have dropped a bunch of water/carbs weight. No surprise.

The wagon I got back on is fasting. I was angry I was not being disciplined so I went a little crazy with my calorie restriction. I had just watched the video below and decided to see if it would work for me. Warning: very boring video.

The big surprise is how great I feel. No hunger pains yet. No irritability. Feel very good. I assume fasting has been so easy because I started fasting while in Ketosis.

I did 5 miles Sunday. 4 miles Monday. Maybe 5-6 miles Tuesday plus a hour at Planet Fitness.

Today is Wednesday and I did 3 miles in the early morning and 2.5 miles this evening. Feel amazing. Want to eat as a matter of habit, but I am not hungry. Hope to go 7 days without eating!

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